Safe drinking water for 20 schools in Uganda

4,000 children die every day from waterborne diseases globally. In Uganda, 23,000 people, including 19,700 children under 5, die annually from diarrhea. Nearly 90% of these deaths are directly attributable to unsafe drinking water. Poor sanitation contributes to child mortality by affecting malnutrition rates, malaria etc. We aim to install 30 drinking water filters and 40 handwashing facilities in 20 schools to reduce water-borne diseases like diarrhea in two districts.

With your funding, the installed facilities will benefit 150,000 primary school children. Children will be educated about the dangers of drinking contaminated water, and 20 schools will have facilities with an average of three outlets each. The 10 schools with the most children will receive two filtering systems, while the 10 schools with the fewest children will receive one each. Each of the 20 schools will receive two group handwashing stations, which will be strategically constructed