Construction of a Community Centre Hall

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Construction of a Community Centre Hall

This proposal was developed to aid PaCT and well-wishers to construct a community centre, which idea was brought upon after an assessment done in the surrounding communities and various challenges were identified that existed in the community which included; Lack of constructive opportunities and activities, High rates of juvenile crime and violence, Low exposure to and knowledge on constructive opportunities, Low levels of education/ high dropout rates, Very low family income levels among others.

A step was take to have discussions with other stakeholders to cab down the identified challenges. A community hall was therefore suggested to offer constructive opportunities and activities to hundreds of youth, children and women through trainings in different activities, entrepreneurial projects and programs as well as hiring out the hall for external workshops for its sustainability.

Its primary use will be;

  • space for early childhood development programmes
  • savings groups Meeting space
  • Trainings & workshops space
  • Music/theatre programmes.
  • Music Classes
  • Arts & Crafts Classes,
  • Computers and a library.
  • Youth Safe space