Improved WASH OutComes for a healthy Community (IWOHC)

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In October 2022, PaCT commenced implementation of WASH project titled “Improved WASH Outcomes for a healthy community in Mubende and Kakumiro (IWOHC)”. Before commencement of the project, a situation analysis was conducted to ascertain the need and findings indicated the requirement for WASH intervention in the two districts of Kakumiro and Mubende. The project aims at Improving productivity, sanitation and hygiene outcomes for 3,375 households reaching 9,750 individuals and 8 schools in Mubende and Kakumiro districts through construction of 45 wells.

To ensure that the project goal is achieved, two main approaches are being used including Community-Managed Project (CMP) and Community Total Led Sanitation (CLTS).

Local leaders, community members, key project volunteers such as Community Hygiene Promoters (CHPs), Sub-County Sanitation and Hygiene Taskforce (SSHT), and Water Management Committees were identified at the start of the project with a purpose of strengthening their capacity to monitor project progress in both hardware and software including; access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene practices and ensure continued functionality even after the project has ended.

The project is being implemented in two districts of Kakumiro (Kyabasaija and Kibijjo Sub-counties) and Mubende (Kibalinga and Lubimbiri Sub-Counties), a number of achievements  have been registered through the various activities implemented in the last quarter of 2023 including;

  • Construction of 11 wells
  • Sanitation and hygiene outreaches in 11 communities using the CLTS approach
  • Formation and training of 11 WASH committees involving 77 members
  • Formation and orientation of 2 SSHT
  • Supported 11 WASH committees establish operation and maintenance saving accounts and visited 551 households to assess sanitation and hygiene status.