The Education and Sponsorship Program which started in 1995 with only 6 primary children, has grown to see over 307 beneficiaries graduate in different fields with over 300 currently in the program. It’s aimed at addressing the different education challenges faced by many families in Uganda which are desperately in need and cannot afford to pay school fees for their children.

The challenge is mainly attributed to the death or desertion of one or both parents leaving a child with grandparents or distant relatives who might also be struggling to survive financially as they often have many other children to cater for. The death of so many young parents is as a consequence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Typhoid that are all endemic in Uganda as well as the rampant increase in road accidents.

Our education programme offers a holistic education sponsorship program to vulnerable children in rural communities of Mityana from pre-primary to tertiary institutions. The beneficiaries are usually recommended by the local leadership and objectively assessed by an independent committee of social workers and educationalists who ensure the services are extended to the neediest.

Although priority is given to total and partial orphans, non-orphans from families that prove to be economically struggling are also considered for the program. Those in primary section are placed in partner government aided schools that are easily accessed by the pupils and also makes it easy for the project staffs to monitor the children’s attendance and performance. Apart from School fees, these children are also supported with;

  • learning materials
  • Medical support.
  • Counselling & Guidence
  • Skilling activities
  • Donor gifts (Birthday, Christmas, among others)

We would like to thank our sponsors who have taken an extra mile to generously contribute towards the school fees and wellbeing of these vulnerable children and their families.