Food relief by PaCT

June 19, 2020 2:23 pm

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has disrupted economic activities across the country, with many people forced out of work and several failing to provide basic needs for their families. The situation was made worse by total lockdown which rendered many people jobless due to closure and spending all the income on sustaining their families during this difficult situation. Key among those largely affected included commercial motorcycle riders, taxi operators, market vendors, saloon operators among others.

Although the Government of Uganda announced a plan for food relief, the demand for the relief in Kampala alone was too high compared to the available resources, this therefore meant upcountry Districts such as Mityana have no hope for such relief. Apart from increased domestic violence, cases of children starvation are ranking high on media. It’s on this reason that PaCT as a member of the Mityana District COVID 19 taskforce raised 11.5 tons of maize flour and 5.8 tons of beans to support over 2,583 people including children living with HIV.  

We are therefore exceedingly honored for the commitment we have continued to receive from our development partners throughout this challenge situation.