Nayiga Sarah

November 21, 2019 11:24 am

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

My story dates back to 2005 when I joined PaCT then MUC for education sponsorship. I lived with my less educated parents in Buwaali Village- Kabuwambo ward Busimbi sub- County in Mityana District. My father didn’t manage to study beyond “O” level whereas my mother was equally less educated after having stopped in primary seven.  Iam the 5th born from the family of nine children (7boys and 2girls). Despite the fact that my parent’s economic status was worrying, we continued enjoying life as young children participating in collecting water and firewood from the nearby forest as what mattered to us then was food. However, as I grew up, I started noticing life challenges as I could continuously be sent back home for school fees. It was always so painful leaving my friends in class and walk back home alone. At times I would cry all the way home.

At completing my Primary leaving exams where I scored 19 aggregates and passed in grade II, I didn’t know what my next fate was, however what am sure of is that my chances of ending my studies at that level were over-weighing joining Secondary school. However, as God never forgets his people, my brother Samuel and I got what I refer to as my life golden opportunity, this was indeed my turning point in life when we were recruited into Mityana Uganda Charity now PaCT sponsorship program in 2005. I joined Trinity College School from S.1 – S.2 while my brother did a motor vehicle mechanical course. I later joined Mityana Secondary School (MSS) in S.3 – S.6 and this was a dream come true since the school was then regarded as the most prestigious in the region. Everything changed all over the sudden with fees, scholastics and all study requirements being provided. I could not imagine then seeing other people being sent home for school fees while am in class. All the tears I shade in my primary had turned into joy. My parents were equally happy and concentrated on supporting my other siblings.

I completed my university studies in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from Makerere University Business School.

I recall that my dream was to become a medical Doctor, however although I never achieved it, I doesn’t have any regrets as I have already started benefiting from my professional and I view my future as a brighter one. After University I was taken through a serial of business mentorship workshops at PaCT to broaden my practical business skills. I currently own a retail shop in my area and at the same time employed at PaCT under the Education and Livelihood department to support others succeed in their education. 

I encourage my fellow youth especially girls to devote to hardworking, as opportunities wasted now can only be regretted in future. I have learnt that we have got to be innovative, creative, committed and honest not forgetting that the world is revolving at a very terrible speed. We therefore need to embrace change and not to remain rigid. 

Therefore, it’s my pleasure to extend my sincere appreciation to the founders of this noble Organization that is positively changing lives of thousands of people together PaCT and my Sponsor Tarbrooke Heminway for their kind hearts and unconditional love that has seen me this far.